A Decade of Marriage

The following is my daughter Rebecca's Facebook post from October 21, 2016 (three days ago) on the occasion of her 10th wedding anniversary.  For me as a dad, it's exactly what I would dream for my children.  The perspective she describes blends a clear understanding of reality (not fantasy), contentment (by choice), and finding joy in the sovereign purposes of God.  I reproduce it here in full, with her permission:

"Ten years ago today, my new husband and I stood overlooking the Tennessee River as the leaves changed from green to red, orange, and yellow. Back then, we thought that today, our tenth anniversary, we would leave our own home behind, drop off our three-or-four wonderfully behaved children with family (who of course would live nearby) and trot off to Paris or Istanbul or Florence for a week or two. Back then, we did not imagine waking up on this day in separate rooms because our infant has been yelling every hour or less throughout the night, and there's no sense in two of us getting no sleep. Back then, we would not have known that losing a beloved grandparent would still bring tears to our eyes from the missing. Back then, we would not have known that today we would be awaiting the news of a new loss as the aunt who treated me like a daughter is being slowly ushered into Glory. Back then, we had no idea that home would be a small town in one of the most expensive regions in the world, far away from my Southern homeland, the dream of home ownership dwindling with every tax return.

"Back then, we also could not have known that we would have chosen the path of adventure, of calculated risks. That we would be business owners, determined to bring our dreams into reality and seizing opportunity. We could not have known the depths of love we would still have for each other, ever expanding with the addition of our two children. Back then, we could not have known that our gifts would be so perfectly aligned as to make us the best of teammates in this journey. Back then, we could not have known how heartache and disappointment would result in leaning into each other, trusting God's sovereignty together, constantly re-imagining our present and our future as life ebbs and flows. That our friendship and partnership and romance would sharpen one another slowly over the years to create the best versions of ourselves.

"When the Lord in His incredible graciousness gave you to me, He gave me the man who would help me to become a strong, brave woman, encouraged by your love. I love you through all the decisions and indecisions of our life, through the time-outs and sleepless nights and tantrums. I'll take it over a trip to Paris, because this is the life we were given. This is our story and I would not have written it any other way."